Preparation is a key element and the first step in the process of interviewing and/or interrogation. The style, appearance and approach of the interviewer / interrogator are major factors in the success of this type of investigation. At Quest Associates of Ohio, we utilize the Reid Behavioral Analysis Technique, as well as other highly recognized interviewing methods commonly used by many law enforcement agencies and major corporations.

Identifying behavioral “symptoms” makes it easier to determine whether the subject is being truthful or deceptive about involvement in the matter under investigation. Specific body movements, facial expressions, frequency of eye contact, attitude, posture, grooming gestures, specific verbal cues and their timing, are all indicators of the veracity of the subject and can also indicate whether the subject is being deceptive and/or withholding relevant information.

Individuals engage in criminal activity to fulfill certain needs. Identifying that need is essential to the interviewer/ interrogator, as it allows them to successfully bring the guilty subject through the stages of interrogation and ultimately obtain an admission of guilt.

The Reid Technique is also effective for applicant interviewing, and Quest can assist with weeding out problem applicants. The integrity interview is a highly structured, professionally conducted job applicant interview to develop factual information about the applicant’s past behavioral patterns. Areas assessed during the interview may include employment history, work-related alcohol use, recently use of illegal drugs, theft and related activities, violations of company policy, and/or criminal behavior. Quest is prepared to assist you using these proven interview techniques and strategy methods that identify deception, encourage candidness, and uncover more accurate and complete information.