Parental Kidnapping/International Parent Child Abduction

Each year, over 2,000 children are abducted by a non-custodial parent and taken to a foreign country. Quest works side-by-side with the custodial parent to facilitate the location and recovery of the abducted child, while abiding by the international child abduction custody laws under the Hague Treaty.

The Quest International Specialist works closely with family members to negotiate the maze of local laws and courts, and to keep pressure on foreign consulates and embassies to facilitate a safe and timely recovery. While international custody laws generally favor the custodial parent, local law enforcement, consulates, and non-profit agencies can only advise searching parents. Quest provides one-on-one consultation and on location search and recovery within the foreign country, while assisting parents in negotiating the legal process.

For children who disappear into non-Hague Member Treaty countries, our Quest International Specialist has the experience to conduct on-site location and recovery of the abducted child while working within the guidelines of diverse foreign laws. Our access to a vast global network dedicated to abducted child location and recovery in diplomatically sensitive regions provides the essential tools to penetrate difficult and often life-threatening situations around the world. Our International Specialist will walk with you every step of the way until your child is safely back home.

The United States operates a National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, providing the first step to begin the process of location and recovery. Although a great resource, the Center is a clearinghouse for disseminating information and advice, and is not authorized or funded to physically search for your missing child overseas. Our Quest Specialist is trained to consult, assess, and travel to locate and recover your child while representing your interests abroad with consulates and local police authorities. Quest works strictly with authorities and within the country’s legal system, and does not accept requests for “snatching” children.

Utilizing resources unique in the investigative industry, Quest is able to access the local areas runaways are known to frequent. Our intelligence network and strong affiliations with law enforcement allow us to effectively locate missing teens by utilizing our Internet research expertise and social networking skills to successfully resolve even the most difficult of assignments. Once the runaway teen is located, AIS can facilitate reintegration within a safe and highly responsive facility for runaway teens.