Self Defense, Safety Training

The Common Sense Approach to Self Defense

When people hear the word “self-defense” they usually imagine years of rigorous training in a martial arts discipline before being confident enough in their skills to deal with any type of aggression.

Quest Associates of Ohio, LLC understands that a more immediate and practical method of teaching self-defense is necessary for the average person who has neither the time nor the discipline for life-long practice. The Quest self-defense experts, much like the revered Bruce Lee, have combined a number of different disciplines to develop an effective and virtually immediate method of personal self-defense for the day to day reality of potential violence, whether at home, in the workplace, or in a public setting.

With workplace violence on the rise, Quest has developed a self-defense program to specifically train employees to recognize, assess, and properly respond to potentially harmful situations. Not only does self-defense competence improve confidence and teamwork, it provides your employees with a valuable, life-long, and life-saving skill that helps them to remain calm under pressure.

Unfortunately, the aftermath of workplace violence can be extremely costly and harmful to the reputation of your business, as well as employee morale, when it is, for the most part, preventable. A small investment in employee self-defense training can help prevent the significant financial and personal losses associated with workplace violence.

Awareness is a key component of self-defense, and Quest’s program teaches how to be more aware of your surroundings and any potential threats.

As with any discipline, knowledge is the most important component of any self-defense system, but wisdom is the practical application of that knowledge, and imparting that wisdom is an integral part of Quest’s employee training program.

In addition to teaching the basic tenets and skills of self-defense, the Quest self-defense program also provides practitioners with weapon retention skills, enabling them to safely and effectively disarm an armed opponent.

Quest offers employee self-defense training for all types of business, schools and organizations, no matter the size. It is not only a sound investment for your business, but is actually fun, and a great employee morale booster.

Quest also provides Active Shooter, Bomb, Robbery, Security Awareness, and Behavior Pattern Recognition Training.

Please contact Quest today to speak with a self-defense consultant who can devise an employee self-defense program tailored to your company’s specific needs.